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Baton Rouge Movie Theaters: Playing Your Favorite Films
Baton Rouge Movie Theaters: Playing Your Favorite Films
brownedge15 am 17.12.2020 um 07:20 (UTC)

If you are an avid film fan, you will find Baton Rouge movie theaters which show films of genre. Whether it be action movies, drama, horror, cartoons, etc. -- one will find a film showing in theaters that would be to their liking.

One of the Baton Rouge film theaters is Cinemark Tinseltown. This is located at Siegen Park mall, Baton Rouge, LA, 70810 and could be contacted at -LRB-225-RRB- 295-3300. Adult entrance fee is 7.25 dollars, senior citizens in 4.50 bucks, and children at 4.50 bucks also. Adult speed is 7 bucks, while both kids and older citizens pays 5 dollars each.

Many more Baton Rouge film theaters as: the Rave Motion Pictures Baton Rouge 16 at 16040 Hatteras Ave., Baton Rouge, LA, 10816, together with touch number -LRB-225-RRB- 753-2710; and the UA Citiplace 11 at Citiplace Drive, Baton Rouge, LA, 70808, with touch number -LRB-225-RRB- 216-0056 - also provide the community with enjoyable movie programming. Also, there is the UA Siegen Village 10 at 7166 Siegen Lane, Baton Rouge, LA, 70809.

For more Baton Rouge film theaters information, a good site to visit is www.225batonrouge.com. An individual will get to see listings of Baton Rouge picture theaters, their location and contact numbers. They also provide a thorough picture program. This site provides the information that you want to understand the specific dates and occasions a particular movie will be displayed.

If you want to see a movie review before actually going to the movies at any of the Baton Rouge movie theatres, then you may also want to visit this site -- batonrouge.citysearch.com, and go to the movies category. Click on the particular movie featured, and read the critique made about the movie. There would be a short narration of what the story is usually about, some test on the acting and about the direction of the movie as well. On precisely the same website, you'll also see on the base part the Baton Rouge movie theaters which will show the film - with information on the play occasions. There is also a part where subscribers of the website may place their very own review of the movie. After you have watched, your view might help others decide whether the movie is worth their time.

So when you feel the need to watch a film, and have fun -- the theaters at Baton Rouge is guaranteed to feature your favorite movies for your viewing enjoyment. So have that popcorn & soda ready, and let your picture of choice entertain you from begin to finish.




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